Whats New at BlackStone Stock Footage
Date 11/25/2003 10:18:00 PM
Headline Browse the database!
News We've added a new button on the home page that will now let you browse our extensive Stock Footage database. Take a look!

Date 9/9/2003
Headline New version of the web site!
News The BlackStoneStockFootage.com web site has been improved! It now uses code generated by Spectrum Research's ParaCoder (tm) code generator. This should make the web site run more efficiently and even more reliably.

Date 1/1/2001
Headline BlackStone Footage Welcomes former Cascom Customers
News For those of you who are new to BlackStone Stock Footage, we come to the stock footage industry after more than 20 years with Cascom International, which closed in late 1999. BlackStone's owner and manager is Glenda Clifford, who was with Cascom for its entire existence. Now that the Cascom web site has been closed, you'll still find a complete listing of all of its footage, plus footage from all of our suppliers. We're excited about our new home and welcome your comments!

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